Fine Art Auctions and Gallery

École de Paris and Other Masters Auction
22 November 2023

Online Gallery Catalogue


Lot REPIN, ILYA, Portrait of Father Ioann Tsvetkov
Sold for 312,525 GBP.

Lot REPIN, ILYA, The Meeting of Dante and Beatrice
Sold for 126,399 GBP.

Lot SHISHKIN, IVAN, A Woodland Glade
Sold for 149,968 GBP.

Lot TSELKOV, OLEG, Theatre
Sold for 57,160 GBP.

Lot GRIGORIEV, BORIS, Flowers in the Yard
Sold for 46,865 GBP.

Lot ANNENKOV, GEORGES, Still Life with Lilies and Painting
Sold for 41,370 GBP.

Lot PURYGIN, LEONID, The Woman of Many Guises Bringing Flowers and Singing Me a Lullaby
Sold for 35,484 GBP.

Lot RABIN, OSCAR, Landscape with Toilets
Sold for 36,440 GBP.