8 июня 2016 Российские аукционы искусства и фотографии

8 июн. 2016

Указатель художников / Полный каталог


* 312. A Porcelain Figurine of Leonardo da Vinci


3,000-4,000 GBP

Height 20.5 cm.

Realistically modelled, wearing a black Renaissance outfit decorated with gold, a matching hat and white gloves, leaning on a marble column with a gilt rim, on a circular shaped pink base with a chain ornament, with an impressed manufactory mark.

The rarely encountered porcelain figurines of Paolo Veronese, Leonardo da Vinci and Benvenuto Cellini, which are of great value to collectors, were created at the Popov factory in the mid 19th century. All porcelain factories at that time worked in fiercely competitive conditions and were therefore forced to follow the dictates of fashion. In the context of growing general interest in the legacy of past times and particularly in the art of the Renaissance, the Popov manufactory decided to create a series of of figurines based on illustrious people of that time. Two models from this series are offered here at auction: Paolo Veronese and Leonardo da Vinci. It is not known for certain which artistic sources were used by the master craftsmen at the Popov factory when they developed these models, but they would have been among the most popular and recognisable portraits.


Примечания к символам:
* Указывает, что применяется импортная пошлина в размере 5%.
Ω Указывает, что применяется импортная пошлина в размере 20%.
§ Указывает на то, что применяется право на перепродажу художников.
† Указывает на то, что применяется стандартная схема НДС, и