MacDougall's Russian Art Auctions, 1 декабря 2011 г.

1 декабря 2011

Список художников / Полный каталог

In a Pine Grove

* 94. PISEMSKY, ALEXEI (1859-1913)

In a Pine Grove, signed and indistinctly dated.

Oil on canvas, 106.5 by 71 cm.
60,000-90,000 GBP

Authenticity of the work has been confirmed by the expert V.Petrov.

Pisemsky was a master of landscape painting, he delicately portrayed the natural world of central Russia with a lyrical sensibility. Unlike In a Pine Grove, most of his views are untouched by sunlight. In the picturesque words of his contemporaries, Pisemsky was trying to convey the “modest spectacle of grey days”. This artist would, without fail, achieve the highest standard of finish in each of his works, even the least significant in terms of size, and his punctilious attention to detail was welcomed by the conservative high society of both capitals. Few of his pictures returned from exhibition. Pisemsky presented serious competition to Konstantin Kryzhitsky, Yuli Klever and even Ivan Shishkin.

Примечания к символам:
* Указывает, что применяется импортная пошлина в размере 5%.
Ω Указывает, что применяется импортная пошлина в размере 20%.
§ Указывает на то, что применяется право на перепродажу художников.
† Указывает на то, что применяется стандартная схема НДС, и