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1 дек. 2010

Указатель художников / Полный каталог

Geography Lesson. Poster Design

* 20. EIGES, OLGA 1910-1996

Geography Lesson. Poster Design c. 1946

Pencil, watercolour and gouache on paper, 44.5 by 30.5 cm
2,000-3,000 GBP

This wonderful watercolour by Tatiana Mavrina dates from 1947. The artist’s mature style, which had already developed during the 1930s, was inspired by folk-art primitivism, lubok prints and by building on her own childhood work. Mavrina is an acknowledged classic of the Moscow school. She came to the fore, confidently and brilliantly, in the late 1920s and early 1930s in the group Thirteen. During a creative career spanning over half a century, she designed dozens of children’s books which won many awards at prestigious international competitions. Mavrina’s art is positive and endowed with a joyous, life-affirming energy. She presented most of her lovingly-crafted urban scenes, nudes and flower paintings to her close friends and with these gifts, a portion of her sunny nature.

Примечания к символам:
* Указывает, что применяется импортная пошлина в размере 5%.
Ω Указывает, что применяется импортная пошлина в размере 20%.
§ Указывает на то, что применяется право на перепродажу художников.
† Указывает на то, что применяется стандартная схема НДС, и