21 May 2016 Photography Auctions

21 May 2016

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Album and Collection of Photographs

48. RODCHENKO, ALEXANDER (1891-1956)

Album and Collection of Photographs

15,000-20,000 GBP

The album: 30 photographs, one per sheet, in a calico and embossed paper bound folio; signed, inscribed in Cyrillic “Tatiane! Bez prichin i dat na pamiat!” and dated 1936 on the title page; each photograph gelatin silver print, the largest measuring 18 by 13 cm and the smallest 17 by 10 cm. The collection: 12 photographs on separate sheets, each signed and dated 1936 on the mounting paper, and a cover sheet, signed, inscribed “Tatiane Vasilievne Maliutinoi/V den rozhdeniya/30 foto” and dated “20 dekabrya 1936 g.”; each photograph gelatin silver print, six measuring approximately 17.5 by 12 cm and the others 12.5 by 17.5 cm.

Each photographed and printed in 1936.

Provenance: Private collection, Europe.

Authenticity of the works has been confirmed by the artist’s family.

The album and the collection of photographs offered here were a gift from Alexander Rodchenko to the art historian Tatiana Maliutina, his neighbour and sister-in-law of the Russian artist and architect Sergei Maliutin. The album was given by the photographer to his model in 1936, to quote him, “for no reasons and dates”; whereas the collection was part of a larger group, which originally possibly included 30 photographs, and was presented to Maliutina the same year as a birthday present on 29 December.

Alexander Rodchenko (1891–1956), one of the founders of Russian Constructivism, was a Soviet photographer, artist and sculptor. From 1924, photography and photomontage became his preferred means of artistic expression. His photographic experiments were noted for their innovation and clear social and ideological content, imbued with effervescent revolutionary spirit. His photographs and photomontages were widely used in advertising and book design. Rodchenko was also known for his series of deeply psychological photo portraits of his family and friends, including famous artists, poets and architects, and images of Constructivist buildings. He worked as photo correspondent for a number of periodicals, including Vechernyaya Moskva and Ogoniok, and as artist and designer for theatre and cinema. After 1932 Rodchenko moved away from abstract photography to more conventional photographic practices. He worked as a correspondent for the publishing house Izogiz, designed the periodical SSSR na stroike and created several commissioned photo albums, such as Krasnaya armiya, Sovetskaya aviatsiya and others.

Album and Collection of Photographs
Album and Collection of Photographs
Album and Collection of Photographs

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