MacDougall Auctions 8 June 2009

8 June 2009

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73.7 by 54.3 cm.
25,000-35,000 pounds

Literature: Exhibition catalogue, Golden Light. Masterpieces of the Art of the Icon, Koninklijk Museum, Antwerp, 1988, no. 179.

The image is composed of several groups and individual themes that are arranged in a structured pattern; on the vertical axis beginning from the top is a representation of the Deisis, where Christ is supported by the wheels of fire, against a blue radiating glory carried by a pair of seraphs, flanked by His Mother and St. John the Baptist, below there is a representation of the Prepared Throne (Hetoimasia) bearing the instruments of the Passion and the sealed Book, while the scales for the weighing of the souls are hanging beneath the altar, further down Archangel Michael raises a sword and holds the Globe, to the bottom a construction with an open gate suggests the entrance to Paradise; to the sides, starting from the upper part, depicted are the Apostles seated and attended by angels, followed by three pairs of cloud-fields that include the Hierarchs and Prophets to the left and right respectively, the Martyrs and Blessed and Female Martyrs and the Ascetics and Monks and the Holy Women; the bottom register visualises two scenes from Paradise; to the left against a blossoming garden are the Good Thief, the Mother of God and the Patriarch Abraham holding a righteous soul in his lap, to the opposite corner rendered are the crowds of the Just that populate Paradise. This vivid and animate icon is finely painted with bright colours on golden ground.

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