MacDougall Auctions 28 November 2008

28 November 2008

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Female Nude

47. KONENKOV, SERGEI 1874-1971

Female Nude carved with signature

Carved wood, height 110 cm.

Authenticity letter from Ms. Marie Turbow Lampard.

Related literature: Marie Turow Lampard, John E. Bowlt, Wendy R. Salmond, The Uncommon Vision of Sergei Konenkov, 1874-1971: A Russian Sculptor and His Times, Rutgers University Press, 2001.

For similar works see Sergei Kolenkov, Khudojnik RSFSR, Leningrad, 1978, cover.

Sergei Konenkov, the genius of Russian wood sculpture, was one of those responsible for the revival in the use of wood in twentieth century art. His light touch brought a fresh and unexpected modernity to this living, organic material as a sculptural medium. His work created a fashion for wood sculpture in Russia, which was enthusiastically supported by all the outstanding masters of the period – Anna Golubkina, Stephen Erzia, Vera Mukhina and Vasiliy Vatatin, who happily set about fashioning flesh out of timber. Konenkov’s guiding principle was not to compromise the material, which he believed to be sufficient in its own right and required no embellishment. In fact, Konenkov transformed wood into one of the central materials in Russian sculpture. The Soviet authorities had little use for art of this type, as wooden compositions were deemed unsuitable for their favoured monumental propaganda. This allowed wooden sculptures to develop into a more harmonious genre, free from false pathos and official monumentalism.

Female Nude

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