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10 June 2021

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The Imperial Yacht "Standart" in the Gulf of Yalta


The Imperial Yacht "Standart" in the Gulf of Yalta, signed and dated 1910.

Oil on canvas, 114 by 206 cm.
50,000–70,000 GBP

MacDougall's presents a rare painting by Ivan Fedorov-Kerchinsky (1853-1916) The Imperial Yacht “Standart” in the Gulf of Yalta. The seascape painter, originally from the city of Kerch, graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1883 with the rank of a class artist. He combined painting with service in the navy, devoting all his free time to the former. Serving as a midshipman at the Ai-Todor lighthouse, the artist had plenty of opportunities to observe the movement of ships in the western part of the Gulf of Yalta. The lighthouse was regularly visited by members of the Imperial family, who, in addition to the sights offered by the very old maritime complex, were interested in the works of a local seascape painter. It is known for certain that in the autumn of 1891, one of the artist's paintings was acquired by the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich.

Fedorov-Kerchensky’s artistic style came close to that of Nikolai Gritsenko and Felix Lagorio; clearly, his skill was in no way inferior to theirs. The artist's works, among other things, are distinguished by a thorough, accurate depiction of the details of sea vessels, which the painter was thoroughly familiar with. This quality of his art, which impressed Navy’s seasoned admirals, is in following with the creative traditions of Lagorio, under whom the artist studied at the Academy of Arts. In addition, the painter's seascapes of impressive size were distinguished by their attention to composition and color and a spectacular representation of marine and coastal views. All these features are characteristic of the superb work The Imperial Yacht “Standart” in the Gulf of Yalta offered at this auction. The work, which accurately captures the ships of the Imperial Navy in the gulf, is not only an outstanding piece of painting, but also has great historical and cultural significance. The work, without any doubt, can be considered unique also because such large-format works by Ivan Fedorov-Kerchensky of outstanding quality cannot be found in private collections.

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