6 June 2018 Russian Art Auctions

6 June 2018

301 . An Icon of the Raising of Lazarus
2,500–3,500 GBP
302 . A Pair of Icons with Scenes from the Passion of Christ
7,000–9,000 GBP
303 . A Deisis with Holy Great-Martyr Paraskeva of Iconium, Great Martyr Demetrius, Tsaritsa Elena and Great-Martyr Varvara
4,500–6,500 GBP
304 . An Icon of the Prophet Elijah in Silver Oklad with Enamel Inscriptions
1,200–1,800 GBP
305 . The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Silver-Gilt Oklad
3,500–5,500 GBP
306 . An Icon of Prophet Elijah
1,500-2,000 GBP
307 . An Icon of St John the Evangelist
1,000-1,500 GBP
308 . The Feodorovskaya Mother of God with Silver Crowned Halo And Tsata with Border Saints
4,000-6,000 GBP
309 . The Yugskaya Mother of God in Silver-Gilt Oklad
1,200-1,800 GBP
310 . A Miniature Silver Triptych with Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, Maria Magdalena and Holy Martyr Vassa
5,000-7,000 GBP
311 . A Fabergé Icon of the Mother of God "Soothe My Sorrows" with Silver Egg Pendant
8,000-12,000 GBP
312 . A Silver Triptych with Enamel Icons of Archangel Mikhail, The Resurrection and St Mitrofan of Voronezh with Commemorative Engraving
1,200-1,800 GBP
313 . A Presentation Silver Triptych of St Catherine, St George and Sergei of Radonezh
314 . A Silver-Gilt Triptych of the Iverskaya Mother of God, St Nicholas the Miracle-Worker and Sergei of Radonezh with Enamelled Cross
9,000-11,000 GBP
315 . An Icon of St Samon, Gury and Aviv in Silver Oklad with Enamel Halos and Original Wooden Kiot
4,000-6,000 GBP
316 . A Fabergé Icon of St Nicholas in Silver Frame with Original Wooden Case
40,000-60,000 GBP
317 . The Mother of God "The Unbreakable Wall" with Silver-Girl Frame
3,000-5,000 GBP
318 . Christ Pantocrator in a Silver-Gilt and Cloisonné Enamel Oklad
3,500-5,500 GBP
* 319 . An Icon of Christ Pantocrator in Silver-Gilt and Engraved Oklad with Enamel Halo
2,500-3,500 GBP
320 . A Rare Fabergé Presentation Axe
10,000-15,000 GBP