Russian Art Auction May 2012

All top lots sold
Lot 11 Serebriakova sold for 1,132,344 GBP
Lot 16 Petrov-Vodkin sold for 2,318,100 GBP
Lot 25 Larionov sold for 1,192,169 GBP
Overall total of 13m GBP

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Important Russian Art
Sunday 27 May 2012

Russian Art, Icons and Works of Art,
Dimitri Bouchene Collection

Wednesday 30 May 2012

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  KUZMA PETROV-VODKIN, Still Life. Apples and Eggs
  Sold for 2,318,100 GBP. Record for the artist at auction

Highlights from the May 2012 Russian Art Auction

ZINAIDA SEREBRIAKOVA, Sleeping Nude (Katya). Sold for 1,132,344 GBP
IVAN AIVAZOVSKY Gibraltar by Night. Sold for 385,900 GBP

VERA ROCKLINE, Vue de Tiflis. Sold for 325,250 GBP
ISAAK BRODSKY, New Moon. Sold for 272,400 GBP

MIKHAIL LARIONOV, Flowers on a Veranda. Sold for 1,192,169 GBP
ISAAK LEVITAN, Illumination of the Moscow Kremlin. Sold for 491,700 GBP

SERGEI SUDEIKIN, Porcelain Figures and Flowers. Sold for 517,500 GBP
IGNATY NIVINSKY, Two Female Figures (Venus). Sold for 465,900 GBP. Record for the artist at auction



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