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Russian Masterpieces at MacDougall's Auction

Reclining Nude by Mikhail Lermontov. Source: MacDougall's
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The only auction house to specialise exclusively in Russian art, MacDougall's is putting up for sale works by the likes of Larionov, Fechin, Roerich, and Faberge.

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What: Russian Art Auction at MacDougall's

When: 26 November 2014

Where: 30A Charles II St, London SW1Y 4AE


Why you should go:

It's fun to see and feel the vibe of an auction (a tradition which dates back to as early as 500 B.C.), especially with such great works of art at stake. A number of important masterpieces lead the auction, starting with Portrait of Duane von Vechten, painted by Nicholas Fechin at the peak of his fame, the Reclining Nude by Mikhail Larionov, as well as three works by Nicholas Roerich: The Doomed City, The Treasure, and And We Continue Fishing.

Russian Art Week

It will also feature works by Ilya Repin, Boris Grigoriev and Vladimir Makovsky. As has been a tradition at MacDougall’s, a separate section of the auction will be devoted to the sale of icons and works of art. One of the most valuable lots there is a rare large carved nephrite model of an elephant by Fabergé.

Speaking before the auction, Catherine MacDougall, Director, said "I am confident that Russian art will continue to be one of the most safe and secure investment options, as well as bringing emotional satisfaction, prompting the owners to seek out beauty in the world against all odds."


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