Top lot of Russian trade in London will Aivazovsky, who could not buy the d'Orsay

Seascape Ivan Aivazovsky "View of Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore" in 1851, who wanted to but could not buy the Paris Museum d'Orsay, will be put up for auction in London MacDougalls, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the head of the auction house Catherine McDougall .

London will auction MacDougalls 25 and 28 November in the framework of the traditional auction of Russian Art Week.

"We had to put the" View of Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore "Aivazovsky the last auction, but the museum d'Orsay vetoed export pictures from the country, because I wanted to buy it myself. but he failed to collect the required amount, so the work will be exhibited at the November auction in London" - explained McDougall.

She added that the estimate of the work is 950 000 - 2 million pounds. In addition, the auction will be offered another picture Aivazovsky - "Moonlight in the Crimea" in 1859, estimated by experts at 400-600 thousand pounds.

The auction house will MacDougalls Aivazovsky paintings and other top lots of the upcoming auction at the Moscow exhibition "Life as a work of art," which will be held from 2 to 4 November in the private estate of teeth on Taganka. This will be the first open to the public event held within the walls of the estate after the restoration.

According to the source agency, another iconic work - early landscape Larionov "May Day" in 1904, which is located in the European collections and have been exhibited in museums - to Moscow will not come, because the owner was against.

"This magnificent work Tiraspol period when Larionov was expelled from the academy of painting and sculpture for the fact that he put the work obscene. His avant-garde paintings seemed insulting" - explained McDougall, adding that the operation was estimated at 900,000 - 2 million pounds.

Another landmark work, she said, would be the last painting of the biblical cycle of artist Henry Semiradsky "Christ among children" with an estimate of 400-600 thousand pounds.

"This painting, where the image of Christ near-canonical, was the last major plan Semiradsky. After his death the work was the widow of the artist and has been featured on the famous family Semiradsky exhibition in memory of the maestro in Warsaw in 1902 - 1903 years", - explained the agency interlocutor.

Also up for auction will exhibit "Revolution as a step in evolution" Vladimir Luppian, "View from the window of the Kremlin" Alexander Labasa, "The General of the Red Army" by boris Grigoriev, "Fishermen on the Volga" Alexei Savrasov, "At work" Nikolai bogdanov-belsky.

McDougall said it was confident in the success of trading and there is a growing demand for high-end collectors of Russian art.