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Top 20 auction results contemporary Russian artists

ARTinvestment.RU – 20.09.2012,11:24

To deal with the present and even more trendiness always difficult. Any generalization and grouping too vulnerable to criticism, assessment change, the role of transformation. Yet we dare.

The proposed rating ARTinvestment.RU included time and quiet of the eighties, and the rebels of the nineties, and artists representing the art of the XXI century. It so happened that in the same breath with the mothers were aktualschikov artists, principally distance themselves from the "relevance", as well as those to whom the sixties not only allows to rank unyielding deadlines. We will not hide the fact that even we both compilers in this list lacks harmony. Uncomfortable. But you will not argue with the same numbers, making the price rating?

Although much broader limits of modernity, ARTinvestment.RU fundamentally distinguishes the sixties as a separate group and ranks them separately auction results (see «Top 20 works of the sixties» ). Besides, there are many reasons, but enough at least to that without this assumption, rating just would not have been: the markets of the sixties and contemporary art shares the price gap.

As a result, the proposed top-20 included Russian artists, born after the war, and some Ukrainian masters, which we incorporate into the orbit of contemporary Russian art. All in the golden age for the creator: the oldest artist in the list 67 years old and the young - 43. Traditionally, we recall that a place in the ranking of the auction should not be extrapolated to the value in the history of art. Top 20 is for entertainment purposes only. The only criterion of its formation - the maximum auction price of the product, that is often a random event. Of course, every artist is represented by one or a group of work.

What rating of our contemporary art attracts attention?

1. The vast majority of record results refers to the pre-recession peak in 2008. Since then successfully managed to crack the charts only twice: in 2010, a personal record at Phillips updated Anatoly Anatoly Osmolovsky ; and a year later unexpectedly and phenomenally expensive to buy "Last Supper» Konstantin Khudyakov . Again at Phillips.

2. In contrast to the rating of the sixties in an ultramodern segment reigns supreme for two houses - Sotheby's and Phillips de Pury, and almost on par.

3. For the investor or collector "price of admission" to the market of contemporary art (and in his best series) in much lower than for the next time the market of the sixties. For comparison: 20 highest auction results sixties sum to about $ 17.5 million, the folded record prices top 20 contemporary authors, we get $ 2.1 million. Ratio of 1:8. Thus, the cheapest in the top job nonconformist is more expensive than the most expensive in the top of the modern. It is no accident gallerists note that the auditor and commercial way of these markets, it seems, finally broke.

4. In contrast to the sixties in the list of top 20 records of contemporary art, there are four women authors (with Tatiana Arzamasova of AEC F ) . And in the top of the sixties there were no women at all (in the third ten, that is, the line is cut, the next record to be in Lydia Masterkova - 159 000 dollars).

5. Auction deals with works by contemporary Russian artists are still relatively rare. If the sixties quite actively traded in auctions (many have 30-40 sales), then aktualschikov still represented individual transactions. Exceptions to this series - Vinogradov and Dubossary (they have more than 60 auction events), Koshlyakov (greater than 30) and O AES (more than 20).

6. The top 20 is dominated by modern art, "old-fashioned" painting. Despite talk of the imminent death of painting and triumph of three-dimensional objects, the tastes of collectors are conservative. Only three out of the rankings in the scope: object Osmolovsky (he is hung on the wall), installation Kopystyanskogo (also includes picture) and honest sculpture AEC F. All other records of contemporary authors found just paintings. Old-fashioned way.

As an investment component, then all the rules known contemporary art - a zone of high margins and high investment risks. The nature of risk is not even that artists continue to offer the market new things (offer extended), and that the emphasis is not placed. Value and the degree of innovation of individual areas still have not passed a full test of time. In particular, even the rating, which includes, by definition, not the last name, can not be considered a guide to action class "Go and buy it on the list." Need to consider a lot of factors - both understandable and not obvious.

beginning investor should also be remembered that the segment of modern art has been hit by the crisis, more of the same segment of the sixties and other segments. And while he has not recovered. Although the fact that he will come down and will play the pre-crisis level, there is no doubt special. Actually, that's the key point is. Yes, with a risk, yes, with high uncertainty, but today, the buyer has a real opportunity to choose and buy things collectible quality at great discount prices - for example, buy the best with new exhibitions. More predictable market segments such comfort, you see, do not offer.

Top 20 auction results contemporary Russian artists

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1. VLADIMIR Dubossary and Alexander Vinogradov (1994)
Night fitness. 2004
canvas. 194.9 x 294,3
Result: 262.97 thousand dollars
22.06.2007. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 65
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structure of democracy. 2003
Oil on canvas. 290.5 x 250
Result: 151.78 thousand dollars
18.10.2008. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 349
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12. KHUDYAKOV, Konstantin (1945)
Last Supper. 2007
canvas ultrachrome print. 110 x 220
Result: 75.55 thousand dollars
18.02.2011. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 113

2. AES F (1995)
Warrior № 4
Bronze. H 160
Result: 242, 05 thousand dollars
12.03.2008. Sotheby's, London. Lot 142

3. Stargazers, Konstantin (1958)
board, oil. 122 x 200
Result: 180.61 thousand dollars
13.06.2008. MacDougall's, London. Lot 481

5. Koshlyakov, Valeriy (1962)
Versailles. 1993 < br /> Oil on canvas. 180 x 250
Result: 145.63 thousand dollars
12.03.2008. Sotheby's, London. Lot 130

6. KOPYSTYANSKAYA, Svetlana G. (1950)
Seascape. 1995
Oil on canvas. 94 x 119,4
Result: 117.03 thousand dollars
13.10.2007. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 438

7. Ovchinnikov, Nikolai (1958)
KS V. number 4.
1988 Oil on canvas. 149 x 199,5
Result: 109.47 thousand dollars
12.03.2008. Sotheby's, London. Lot 68

8. Zakharov, Vadim ARISOVICH (1959)
Baroque. 1986-1994
Oil on canvas. 80 x 150. in 4 parts
Result: 106.07 thousand dollars
18.10.2008. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 222

9. Roitburd, Alexander (1961)
Goodbye Caravaggio. 2008
canvas. 200 x 300
Result: 97.27 thousand dollars
29.06.2009. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 179

10. Nakh, IRINA Isaevna (1955)
Triptych. 1983 < br /> Oil on canvas. 150 x 149,5
Result: 78.14 thousand dollars
12.03.2008. Sotheby's, London. Lot 42

10. FILIPPOVA, Kate (1958)
Marina Ladynina. Series "Russian Hollywood." 2006
Mixed. 155 x 105
Result: 78.14 thousand dollars
12.03.2008. Sotheby's, London. Lot 145

13. Chichkan ILYA ARKADIEVICH (1967)
It. 2003 < br /> Oil on canvas. 140 x 189
Result: 74.33 thousand dollars
30.06.2008. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 317

14. Novikov, Timur Petrovich (1958-2002)
Basketball. 1989
Acrylic. 200 x 186
Result: 73.32 thousand dollars
12.03.2008. Sotheby's, London. Lot 94

15. OSMOLOVSKI, ANATOLY Feliksovich (1969)
Bread. Series "pagans." 2009
installation of 21 pieces. Wood, paint
Result: 71.96 thousand dollars
24.04.2010. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 293

16. Sawada, Arsen V. (1962)
Photos of the project" Underground 2000 ".
1999 photo, aluminum, digital printing. 75 x 90
Result: 71,5 thousand dollars
17.12.2011.« Golden Section ", Donetsk. Lot 126

17. Lebedev Rostislav EVGEN'EVICh (1946)
Russian fairy tale. 1989
Acrylic on canvas. 147 x 213,5
Result: 66.94 thousand dollars
3.06.2008. Uppsala, Sweden. Lot 1029

18. Shinkar, Vladimir Nikolaevich (1954)
I. Lenin Square
1999 Oil on canvas. 60 x 80
Result: 64.75 thousand dollars
30.06.2008. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 433

19. KOPYSTYANSKY, Igor (1954)
interior № 5. 1987
installation. N pattern, 2 armchairs
Result: 63.38 thousand dollars
13.10.2007. Phillips de Pury, London. Lot 443

20. Filippov, Andrey S. (1959)
Seven feet under the keel .
Bulletin 1988, oil. 172.5 x 60
Result: 62,90 thousand dollars
31.05.2006. Sotheby's, London. Lot 232

Formation rating - Elena Vladimirova, AI
Comment - Vladimir Bogdanov, AI < /em>


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ARTinvestment.RU -- Art News
  1. Mark Rothko : $ 86,9 млн
  2. : $ 60 million
  3. Wassily Kandinsky : $ 23 million
  4. Alexei Jawlensky : £ 9,4 млн
  5. Chaim Soutine : £ 8,75 млн
  6. Marc Chagall : $ 16,3 млн
  7. Nikolai Fechin : £ 6,9 млн
  8. Natalia Natalia Goncharova : £ 6,43 млн
  9. Nicolas de Stael : € 7,000,000
  10. Tamara de Lempicka : $ 8,48 млн < /li>
  11. Ilya Repin : £ 4,52 млн
  12. Vasily Polenov : £ 4,07 млн ​​
  13. Konstantin Somov Konstantin : £ 3,7 млн ​​
  14. Sonia Delaunay : € 4,59 млн
  15. : £ 3,23 млн
  16. Ilya Kabakov : £ 2,932 млн
  17. Village : £ 2,84 млн
  18. Alexander Yakovlev : £ 2,82 млн
  19. and Vladimir Baranov-Rossini : £ 2,73 million
  20. Arshile Gorky : $ 4,2 млн
  21. Fine arts : £ 2,28 млн
  22. Yuri Annenkov : £ 2 26000000
  23. Mikhail Larionov : £ 2 , 26000000

  1. Edvard Munch : $ 119,9 млн
  2. Pablo Picasso < /a>: $ 106,5 млн
  3. Alberto Giacometti $ 104.3 million
  4. Gustav Klimt : $ 87,936,000
  5. Mark Rothko : $ 86 9000000
  6. triptych by Francis Bacon : $ 86,281 млн
  7. Portrait of Dr. Vincent van Gogh : $ 82,500 million
  8. ​​Pond Claude Monet : $ 80,45 млн
  9. Pierre-Auguste Renoir : $ 78,100 million
  10. Peter Paul Rubens : $ 76,671 млн
  11. Andy Warhol : $ 71,720 million
  12. Paul Cezanne : $ 60,502 млн
  13. ->

  1. Gerhard Richter < /a>: $ 34,2 млн
  2. Jasper Johns : $ 28,6 млн
  3. Jeff Koons : £ 12,92 млн
  4. Damien Hirst : £ 10,3 млн
  5. Bruce Nauman : $ 9,9 млн
Top 9 World of sculptors
  1. Alberto Giacometti : $ 104,3 млн
  2. Amedeo Modigliani : $ 52,686 млн
  3. Henri Matisse : $ 48,803 млн
  4. Pablo Picasso : $ 29,161 млн
  5. Constantin Brancusi : $ 27,456 млн
  6. Jeff Koons : $ 25,783 млн
  7. David Smith : $ 23,816 млн
  8. Damien Hirst : $ 19,213 млн
  9. Auguste Rodin : $ 18,969 млн