MacDougall’s Russian Art Gallery

MacDougall's are delighted to announce the opening of a gallery specializing in Russian art at its London premises. Located right in the centre of the capital, MacDougall’s Gallery opens its doors to the public throughout the year and runs in parallel with regular auction operations. The gallery serves as a dynamic platform for bringing together sellers, collectors and lovers of Russian art, who want to enjoy and buy it, learn and discuss it.

MacDougall’s Gallery further promotes sales of Russian art outside the established London Russian art auction seasons in June and November. The gallery capitalises on MacDougall’s extensive knowledge of the Russian art market and its profound connections with sellers and collectors alike. The gallery has a large selection of works in its selling exhibitions, ranging from 19th and early 20th century to Soviet Realist and Nonconformist art, as well as Russian icons and works of art, which are offered at a broad range of prices. The recent surge in demand to purchase works privately, allows us to satisfy the desire of our clients to find valuable additions to their collections at any time of the year.

MacDougall’s Russian Art Gallery
Opening times: Monday–Friday, 10:00–17:00.
30A Charles II Street, London SW1Y 4AE, UK.

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